The key to getting your brand out there and beating your competitors is through marketing. That’s why we here at Rafiki think a clear and powerful marketing strategy can really set you apart and raise your revenue through the roof. To help you maximize your market share, we’ve come up with a list of things we think you should consider in the way you market your business.

1. What other people think of your product or service

All too often, marketing nowadays is about companies pushing their label or their brand as much as possible. Companies often don’t listen to what the consumer thinks about their advertisement and they take an all publicity is good publicity approach to their marketing actions. At RafikiMedia, we think it is important to reflect on the sort of campaigns you’ve run. Every month (ideally) you should sit down with your team and evaluate what your marketing strategy was like for the past month, how well it worked, and what you can improve moving forward. A critical part of this process is evaluating what your consumers think. Read the reviews on your websites— particularly the bad ones (on Facebook, Twitter, Google+). Sometimes you may just have someone who hates your brand for some arbitrary reason (…trolls), but more likely than not you’ll have someone who is a reasonable person that has had some sort of a bad experience. Learn to cater to those people and alter your marketing strategy to highlight solutions to internal problems you’ve found or to highlight your efforts in improving areas that were previously of concern.

2. Target Different Audiences

In Economics 101 at any higher-education institution (college, university, etc), you’ll learn about something called price discrimination. Companies often have different prices for different consumer groups. Just think about the seniors special you often see at your local stores. We think that same kind of principle ought to be applied to the marketing strategy that you take. Different audiences react to different things — maybe the advertisement that you have in the printed newspaper (which is likely to reach older demographics) should be targeted on one area of appeal in your firm and your primetime TV commercial should be focused on something entirely different. Finding your niches and making each niche see you as great is far better than taking a one-size-fits-all marketing approach.

3. Maximize Views

When you have something like an online marketing campaign, your end goal is to have as much exposure as possible. To accomplish that goal we recommend using search engine optimization (SEO). Use trendy keywords, tags and titles. Index your pictures, use ALT tags and pump out those tweets, Instagrams, and facebook posts. All of those things help broaden your following and expose you to people who aren’t in your network.

4. Follow-up on Campaigns

We think something that is very important is continuity in marketing. Your approaches shouldn’t be stand-alone projects but rather they should build upon each other. This means you need to follow up on your projects and reflect upon them and analyze them. Think of the ways you can extend a campaign or reiterate the message in a slightly different way. Try to build a constant company brand moving forward because that way you become more memorable to your consumers and become more likely to raise your revenue.