The most valuable thing in this world is time. It’s something you can never get back and it’s something we ALL wish we had more of. It’s weird then that we all waste it. Follow these few tips to make sure your time and your business’s time is put to better use.


Your phone is not your friend. Your phone is not your friend. When you’re working, your phone should not be anywhere near you. Put it in a safe, put it in your pocket — we don’t care, but put that phone away. Responding to your texts, emails, or reading random articles is terrible for your productivity. Why? If you’re constantly starting and stopping work you never get any continuity in your work and that means you never really get any real things done. Your friends can wait and so can your emails. What can’t wait is the very important work you’re working on right now.


One of the best strategies that all of us here at Rafiki employ is that when we have to do something, or want to work on a project, is we book off time to work on that. We mark it off in our calendars and make sure we don’t have anything else we’re even considering working on then. It’s a great way to treat everything you have to do like it’s a job. That means you’ll definitely put your time to good use.


It’s hard, we all want to be the nice guy, and we all want to do as much as we can and help as many people as possible. That means we often say yes when people ask us for help. The thing is, not every proposition is going to benefit your business, and if it’s not doing that, then it’s just a big waste of time. Worry less about being everyone’s friend and think more about your strategic interests. Value others, but put yourself first and make sure you don’t waste YOUR time for OTHER people.


The terrible thing about technology nowadays is that everyone expects an instant response because for the most part, it’s pretty easy to get back to somebody right away. But, if you ignore our first tip, at least follow this one. If your friends text you while you’re working, just wait until you’re done to text them back. A ‘hey, what’s up’ is never an emergency and can always wait until the evening. Make your work your priority.