In the last few days, we’ve been receiving a considerable amount of emails and messages from people asking us: what’s the deal with this #AskRafiki Show? We want to clear any misconceptions up once and for all while also explaining to you all why we created the show, and what we hope it can do for you.

The #AskRafiki Show is a series of videos and podcasts we create that answer any questions you have and share via Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter using the #AskRafiki. Seriously, these questions can be based on anything — comic books, business, startups, entrepreneurs, football, basketball, you name it. Sending a question does not guarantee that you question will be picked for the show. An average 20 minute show only has about five questions answered, but we definitely try to pick questions that overlap with other questions. Moreover, if you really want to be on the show and have your question answered, we highly encourage sending us a short video via Twitter or Instagram. That will double your chances of getting onto the show. Your questions will be answered by Manu Goswami, the CEO and co-founder of RafikiMedia and other guests who he invites on his show regularly to help out and provide expert advice.

At this point, you might be wondering why you would ever want to be on the show? Well beyond having your question answered, the show is a great platform for you to promote your personal brand or business! We encourage you to tell us a bit about yourself or your business when tweeting your question out! We have a growing consumer base and last week alone, we reached out to over 1.3 million people on Facebook alone. So if you have a small business or are starting out on growing your personal brand, the #AskRafiki Show could be one of your early avenues for free publicity.

We (RafikiMedia) created this show for a simple reason: to give back and create a community of entrepreneurs, doctors, engineers, and most importantly, great people. We wanted to show the world that our brand should not be judged by our profit margin or annual revenue, but by the number of people we have reached out to and helped in some way or another. That is the future of business, and we are trying to make it a realitynow.

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