RafikiMedia is a social-first digital shop
building brand equity through
creative campaigns. Curious?

“We build brand equity”

RafikiMedia is a social-first digital shop building brand equity through creative campaigns for clients across the globe. We use insightful micro-content to create the foundation of creative campaigns to help brands share their vision. We have an affinity for the measurable results, unparalleled conversion and gradual retention that can be achieved through social media campaigns and initiatives.

Our Focus
RafikiMedia focuses on expanding the outreach and growth of non-profit organizations, political campaigns, high impact initiatives and businesses of any size globally. We also specialize in building powerful personal brands and storytelling avenues for figures engaging in a myriad of activities from music to social activism. We create social strategy for the digital age by building brand equity.


“The average teenager in the United States puts more effort into a selfie on Instagram (setting the lighting, adding captivating captions, putting filters on, monitoring and iterating their content) than most multimedia businesses are doing right now.”


  • “Doing things alone can sometimes be overwhelming as an independent artist. RafikiMedia does a fantastic job of relieving some of my stress and helps me build plans that can further push me to develop as an artist.”
    Chase Hadden
  • As a charitable organization, our ability to do good is contingent on raising awareness and recognition for the work we do. Personally, I couldn't be more thankful for RafikiMedia's outstanding service towards enabling our success in that very endeavour.
    Quinn Underwood
    CEO of Indian Umbrella